How it began

The quest for better coffee in South Africa started 18 years ago when Thomas returned from his travels in Europe

Drinking coffee in Europe was an everyday ritual, not being aware that each cup should be  savoured. Upon returning to South Africa he soon realized what he was to miss the most about Europe – Drinking a quick Espresso or Cappuccino at a corner café was never to be taken for granted  again.

Freshness and good quality is the key to great coffee….

Thomas wants to roast in public to show people the whole process of coffee – from bean to cup. He takes you through the coffee roasting process and offers you coffee tastings so that you can taste the differences in a variety of single origins from all over the world. This will help you to decide what taste and strength your  palate  would prefer. How many packets of coffee have been purchased and was never used again after the first cup. It was time for choice and freshly roasted coffee beans available to everyone.

Do you have a local fresh veggie store, butcher or baker in your town? Then why not your own coffee guy, supplying you with freshly roasted coffee of your choice…… Freshness and good quality is key to great coffee.

Today our individual Beans About Coffee Roasters can be found closer to you

The first shop was opened in Dullstroom, Mpumalanga in 2009 and received a huge response from our clients. Meeting so many people as passionate about coffee as we are led us to the next step. Today our individual Beans About Coffee Roasteries can be found closer to you. All the Beans About Coffee Roasteries are owned by individuals with the same goals and enthusiasm about coffee as Thomas.

May 2011, Thomas opened the second Beans About Coffee Roastery in Riebeek Kasteel, Western Cape. Opening day just in time for the yearly Olive Festival.

April 2012, we opened the first Beans about Coffee Beanery in Robertson. They are supplied with fresh coffee beans from the Roaster in Riebeek Kasteel.

2012 to 2014, Stefan opened the new and exciting Roastery in George supplying the Garden Route with fresh coffee. His very passionate and skilled  baristas will wow you with their latte art.  Since then it blossomed into four more espresso bars from Pettenberg Bay to George, bringing excellent coffee closer to you.

2015 Johan and Mindi Breunissen opened a Beans about Coffee in Oudtshoorn two days ahead of the 20th Anniversary of the KKNK festival.

In December 2015 Ales Svoboda added a Beans about Coffee to his very successful establishment in Hartenbos.

New and exciting stores to follow soon, all over the country.

Our goal is to promote an independent coffee culture…

We at beans about coffee™ are passionate people and our goal is to promote an independent coffee culture where locally roasted coffee is favoured and  readily available. We focus on product quality and believe great coffee should be fresh, simple, accessible and amazing. As both masters and students of the bean, we are confident in our product and ability. Come and visit your closest roaster and watch as we roast beans from all over the world in small batches and do a tasting to find your flavour. We roast a variety of single origin beans to our distinct espresso blends. Try our famous sidewalk blend or create your own blend. We supply to local customers as well as local cafés, restaurants, lodges and hotels. We roast per order from your closest shop to obtain the freshness.”